Here are some of the most common FAQs, though if your question isn't answered below then feel free to shoot me an email at sarahmakesau@gmail.com

Q: The matte canister set that I want is sold out, is there a wait list?
A: Unfortunately the matte canisters are limited edition sets, as the luxe brand Ladelle have discontinued this range (I know, it sucks!). So whatever I have in stock now is all I'll have in stock, everrrr. The clear canisters will still be available as they are sourced from a different supplier.

Q: Do you ship to NZ?
A: Yep! Shipping is calculated at checkout, though please note shipping costs are determined by the carrier (i.e Australia Post).

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: I can only work on this in my spare time (working around my full-time job) so current turnaround time is between 3-5 business days before dispatch, sometimes quicker all going well.

Q: What are your estimated shipping times?
A: Upon dispatch, ETA is currently 1-3 business days for domestic and 6-12 business days to NZ, though please be mindful that I have no control over shipping times as this is managed by the carrier (i.e Australia Post). Please also remember that Christmas and COVID will impact standard shipping times so there may be delays (which, again, are out of my control).

Q: Your website prices are in AUD. Can I see prices in NZD?
A: Yes! Scroll down to the bottom of the Home page and use the dropdown box to switch from AUD to NZD.

Q: Do you make labels in other languages besides English and Māori?
A: On request only, provided you can give me the words/correct spelling.